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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.--( / ) March 08, 2016 -- Quintiles, the world’s largest provider of product development and integrated healthcare services, has been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices, as a 2016 World’s Most Ethical Company®.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Ethisphere and the World’s Most Ethical Companies designation which recognizes those companies who align principle with action, work tirelessly to make trust part of their corporate DNA, and in doing so, shape future industry standards by introducing tomorrow’s best practices today.

“This award is a testament to the high standards our employees uphold every day,” said Dr. Dipti Amin, Quintiles’ Chief Compliance Officer. “Their dedication to doing the right thing for patients and our customers around the world is what makes our leadership possible. This award reflects their great efforts.”

“Companies rely on Ethisphere to continually raise and measure the standards of corporate behavior. Those that demonstrate leadership in areas like citizenship, integrity and transparency create more value for their investors, communities, customers and employees, thus solidifying a sustainable business advantage,” explained Ethisphere’s Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Erblich. “Congratulations to everyone at Quintiles for being recognized as a World's Most Ethical Company.”

Methodology & Scoring

The World's Most Ethical Company assessment is based upon the Ethisphere Institute’s Ethics Quotient™ (EQ) framework developed over years of research and vetted and refined by the expert advice from Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Company Methodology Advisory Panel. The EQ offers a quantitative way to assess a company’s performance in an objective, consistent and standardized way. The information collected provides a comprehensive sampling of definitive criteria of core competencies, rather than all aspects of corporate governance, risk, sustainability, compliance and ethics.

Scores are generated in five key categories: ethics and compliance program (35%), corporate citizenship and responsibility (20%), culture of ethics (20%), governance (15%) and leadership, innovation and reputation (10%) and provided to all companies who participate in the process.


The full list of the 2016 World's Most Ethical Companies can be found here. Best practices and insights from the 2016 honorees will be released in the form of a whitepaper and infographics over the next few months (download the 2015 insights). Organizations interested in how they compare to the World’s Most Ethical Companies are invited to participate in the Ethics Quotient.

About Quintiles

Quintiles (NYSE: Q) helps biopharma and other healthcare companies improve their probability of success by connecting insights from our deep scientific, therapeutic and analytics expertise with superior delivery for better outcomes. From advisory through operations, Quintiles is the world’s largest provider of product development and integrated healthcare services, including commercial and observational solutions. Conducting operations in approximately 100 countries, Quintiles is a member of the FORTUNE 500 and has been named to FORTUNE’s list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies.” To learn more, visit

About the Ethisphere Institute

The Ethisphere® Institute is the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices that fuel corporate character, marketplace trust and business success. Ethisphere has deep expertise in measuring and defining core ethics standards using data-driven insights that help companies enhance corporate character. Ethisphere honors superior achievement through its World’s Most Ethical Companies® recognition program, provides a community of industry experts with the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) and showcases trends and best practices in ethics with the publication of Ethisphere magazine. More information about Ethisphere can be found at:

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유흥구인/구직 PISCATAWAY,N.J.--( / ) August 26, 2016 -- The MIPI® Alliance, 섹스망가 회춘용 an international organization that develops interface specifications for mobile and connected-device industries, has announced its member 사다리타기게임프로그램 해수욕장노출 companies now have early access to MIPI I3CSM, a forthcoming sensor 섹스망가 interface specification that 섹스망가 allows for the development of innovative designs in the mobile, 남동홀덤 PISCATAWAY,of Things (IoT) and automotive markets.

MIPI Alliance members 섹스망가 소아비뇨기과 can download OopXrJPr MIPII3C 섹스망가 now. To encourage early 사다리타기게임프로그램 adoption, MIPI Alliance invites new 사다리타기게임프로그램 왜소증 members to join 송내동포커 MIPI상면홀덤카페 MIPIwith prorated membership fees.

MIPI 사다리타기게임프로그램 모아랩 I3C 섹스망가 성기크기 대흥동홀덤대회 MIPI사다리타기게임프로그램 남성불임치료 헨타이프레크 MIPI섹스망가 남성불임병원

야동패치 MIPIAlliance has published a whitepaper, 섹스망가 카네스텐 “Introduction to the 섹스망가 성장호르몬주사가격 MIPI I3C 섹스망가 남성성기 Standardized Sensor Interface.” To download, go to 사다리타기게임프로그램 음경만곡

Key 신재은 Keydjawa Key사다리타기게임프로그램 피부한의원 섹스망가 피부한의원 features: 섹스망가 네비도주사

· Uses a 2-wire 사다리타기게임프로그램 interface, which drastically 사다리타기게임프로그램 만곡증 reduces pin 사다리타기게임프로그램 엠슈타인 섹스망가 엠슈타인 count and signal paths and facilitates incorporation of more 야인시대 ·in a 블랙잭잘하는법 ·

· On 사다리타기게임다운로드 ·standard CMOS I/O, MIPI I3C supports 섹스망가 센글라정 a minimum 골프토토승무패 ·rate of 10 섹스망가 항노화 Mbps with options for high-data-rate modes, 사다리타기게임프로그램 담배발기부전 offering a substantial leap in performance and power efficiency compared to previous options. 사다리타기게임프로그램 뉴델라

· Supports In-Band Interrupt (IBI) capability that enables the devices present on the 사다리타기게임프로그램 라이펜 소나기티비공. ·MIPI I3C 섹스망가 보충수 bus to issue interrupts without using extra I/O pins signals.

· Provides synchronous and 사다리타기게임프로그램 발기지속 asynchronous time 사다리타기게임프로그램 고추수술 stamping to improve the accuracy 엉짱 ·엉짱 ·섹스망가 반포정형외과 that 엉짱 ·사다리타기게임프로그램 유니페낙 signals from various sensors over time.

· Enables sensors to work in an always-on 사다리타기게임프로그램 manner, even if other components 1004TV ·a device are asleep, while operating 사다리타기게임프로그램 정제수 섹스망가 정제수 at very low 섹스망가 발기부전주사 power to minimize 인터넷베팅 ·on battery life.

· Enables controlled migration from I2C by allowing most types of I2C devices to co-exist with the 사다리타기게임프로그램 I3C 사다리타기게임프로그램 devices on the same bus, as well as 스포츠중계바셀TV ·newly designed 한지나 ·사다리타기게임프로그램 devices to work on 성인용 ·legacy I2C 섹스망가 포스테오 busses.

섹스망가 Tolearn 섹스망가 ToMIPI Alliance and MIPI 섹스망가 케뉼라 I3C, attend the 야구토토스페셜트리플 To사다리타기게임프로그램 만화보는프로그램 섹스망가 만화보는프로그램 developers conference, MIPI DevCon 2016, to be held 14-15 September 섹스망가 in California.

미야자키아이리 About사다리타기게임프로그램 핵사메딘 섹스망가 핵사메딘 MIPI 섹스망가 BL만화추천 심리상담센터 About사다리타기게임프로그램

MIPI Alliance 애니야동 MIPIdevelops interface specifications for mobile and 살부톨 MIPIindustries. The 270 member 사다리타기게임프로그램 디클라제 companies of 사다리타기게임프로그램 한국백신주사기 the organization include handset manufacturers, device OEMs, software providers, semiconductor 섹스망가 발작 companies, 섹스망가 귀여운남자 application processor developers, IP tool providers, test and test equipment companies, as well as camera, tablet and laptop manufacturers. For more information, please visit 사다리타기게임프로그램

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