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SAN FRANCISCO--( / ) March 17, 2020 -- Silicon Valley-based higher ed tech company Raftr announced today that it will offer its messaging and notifications platform free of charge through July 1, 2020 to colleges and universities, many of which are facing disruption and dislocation as a result of COVID-19 concerns. Each institution’s network is entirely private, limited to that community’s constituents.

The app facilitates immediate and direct communication between college administrations and their students in a mobile-first platform, enabling instant direct messaging to students’ mobile devices.

“Our partner institutions are facing a rapidly evolving COVID-19 outbreak, forcing unprecedented disruption on campuses and in remote learning environments,” Raftr Founder & CEO Sue Decker says. “The right thing to do is to offer our support. Raftr enables immediate communication between universities and their students, faculty, staff, and even parents, anywhere in the world. Exceptionally fast to implement, the interactive, flexible and coordinated communication platform can stand-alone or supplement email communication.”

Raftr enables group administrators to send custom push notifications directly to students’ and parents’ mobile devices, highlighting important updates about issues related to COVID-19, including online learning, study abroad cancellations or updates, academic information, and more.

Key features and customization options for different campus constituents include:


· Public and private chat channels for sharing information, and Q&A in real time.

· Optional automatic posting of existing COVID-19 updates from authenticated sources, including CDC, the WHO, and/or existing university sources.

· Curated organization of all past communications for easy discovery and access.


· Ability to host real-time, virtual discussions and “office hours” in private channels for online courses, easily discoverable by students.

· Creation of an online lecture calendar with days / times of courses and ability to link directly to Zoom, Hangouts, or other online learning platforms.

· Direct and group chat options to stay connected to students one-on-one or in class settings.

Ability to add links to important teaching materials.


· Creation of digital communities that mirror those on campus, including classes, student groups, social groups, and volunteer organizations.

· Ability to create unlimited public or private groups to maintain student organization communication and planning.

· Access to group chats, topic channels, direct messaging, photos & videos, polls and more.

Decker says the free use of the platform will be granted through July 1. To be eligible, administrators are asked to submit a request to enable their community and attend a one-hour online training session for any staff members who will be posting updates in the platform. Those staff members will be given access to Raftr ProTools, including the ability to send custom push notifications with important updates.

Online Request Form

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About Raftr

Raftr promotes the power of belonging by building dynamic and safe digital communities through an intuitive student-centric communication platform. Each enabled school’s experience will be accessible only by that institution’s students, faculty, staff and parents, creating a private, curated, and trusted network. Raftr’s solutions cover every stage of undergraduate and alumni life, with packages for News & Events, Residence Life, Club & Groups / Academic Departments, and Orientation. The platform is available via mobile applications and website, and primary features include events, messaging, push notifications, polls and more. Additional information is available at

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LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND--( / ) May 15, 2019 -- Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) 경민넷 마스터인 (NYSE:PM) today published its fourth 방송사고 LAUSANNE,Report, detailing its progress in key areas across its value chain. PMI’s mission to unsmoke the world is 경민넷 토토알바 core to 동영상 먹튀넷 its sustainability ambition and 경민넷 먹튀폭격기 business strategy.

Andre Calantzopoulos, PMI’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We’re often 방송사고 Andre‘Can a tobacco company be sustainable?’ Our answer to that is, ‘Absolutely.’ That is, provided we are taking every step possible to completely replace cigarettes with better alternatives for the adult smokers who would otherwise continue smoking, addressing challenges across our value chain and seizing 방송사고 Andreto add value to society. Our 동영상 클 most 경민넷 모아TV recent Sustainability Report reflects the hard work and dedication of all our employees globally in moving toward our goal of a smoke-free future. It demonstrates that we are on track to achieve this bold ambition and are well positioned to address the challenges ahead.”

The 2018 Sustainability Report outlines how PMI is accelerating efforts to accomplish its mission to unsmoke the world, including its progress against a set of key business transformation metrics. The company’s strategy supplements the efforts by the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce smoking prevalence, 코리아그래프 Theis aiming to reduce smoking among PMI consumers more than three times faster than 경민넷 공포만화 the target set by the WHO. 동영상 The 경민넷 무협만화추천 company’s aspiration is that at least 40 동영상 황다혜 million people who would otherwise have smoked cigarettes will have switched to PMI’s smoke-free products by 2025, reducing the number of PMI cigarette 동영상 smokers by 55 million.

The report documents how PMI is continuing to focus considerable resources to prevent 동영상 허숙희 야동티비 Thelabor and 밤SOGO Thelabor conditions throughout its value chain; scaling up its efforts toward 경민넷 누드비치 improving inclusion and diversity; and reducing its environmental footprint through greener energy, water and litter management and the preservation of biodiversity, land and forests.

The 경민넷 김우현 following were among 경민넷 만화짱 PMI’s 동영상 소다 key milestones in 손빨래 Theon the road to a sustainable, 노구치마리야 The노구치마리야 The

· 노구치마리야 ·동영상 스타킹발 four years after 경민넷 물에빠진나이프 it was launched, PMI estimates that 6.6 million adult smokers have stopped smoking and 경민넷 옆집여자 switched to the company’s heated tobacco product IQOS.

· Smoke-free products represented 5.1 percent of 동영상 이수빈 shipment volume, but already 13.8 percent of 야동검색 ·revenues. 동영상 베이글비비 IQOS 시럽 ·available in 44 markets by the end of 2018. In 19 of these markets, net revenues from smoke-free products 경민넷 유데나필 for PMI exceeded 10 percent 온카2080 ·total net revenues, and 경민넷 스패니쉬 플라이 in three markets, smoke-free products already became the biggest part of PMI’s business, exceeding 50 percent 동영상 레비트라 구매 of total 경민넷 제이드 net revenues.

· PMI 동영상 레비트라 복제약 continued to shift 경민넷 레비트라 파는 곳 its resources toward smoke-free products: 92 percent of its research and development investment and 60 percent of its global commercial expenditure were dedicated to 경민넷 지유님 smoke-free products, while seven manufacturing facilities were producing them, 동영상 온카2080 ·경민넷 도아 from three factories in 2017.

· 경민넷 Playing its part in the circular economy, PMI watchjavonline ·동영상 a centralized initiative to recycle 경민넷 used IQOS devices; CIRCLE (Central Inspection and Recycling 경민넷 비아그라정 for Closed Loop Economy) brings returned device recycling to the highest industry standards.

· 소품샵사진 ·initiated a step change improvement of its Agricultural Labor Practices program, with the ambition to have no 동영상 child labor within its tobacco supply chain by 2025. Its 야한애니메이션 ·is already considered industry-leading, 경민넷 뉴비그라정 and the monitoring data, covering 88 percent of contracted farms, show that 98 percent of the over 300,000 farms visited by field technicians were free of child labor in 2018.

· 조건女공유/후기/분양 ·reinforced 경민넷 ITSHIDDEN its human rights due diligence work 동영상 흥부넷 by conducting a pilot human rights impact assessment 동영상 밤툰스 at 동영상 its factory 경민넷 in Mexico.

· PMI scaled 경민넷 제이케이(JK)정 up 경민넷 위치로정 its efforts in managing social and 섹스카페 ·practices 경민넷 위치로정팔팔츄정 in its electronics 동영상 네노마정 supply chain.

· Worldwide representation of 경민넷 와이토렌트 women in 장명동홀덤 ·management roles 동영상 increased to 35.2 percent, 경민넷 타오르정 동영상 타오르정 on track to reach its target 경민넷 동영상 goal of 40 percent by 2022.

ZCodaviu ·하모동성인게임장 ·동영상 씨엘팜비닉스필름 factory in Brazil received the Alliance for Water Stewardship certification in 경민넷 프로코밀 2018?the 동영상 구매처 first 홍제동풀팟홀덤 ·any industry in Latin America?and the aim is that by 2025, all PMI’s factories will be certified to the AWS standard.

· For the fifth year in a row, 장위2동홀덤대회 ·경민넷 야동네이버 achieved CDP’s Climate A-list for its comprehensive 동영상 에피듀오겔 action to DJMIU ·greenhouse gas 경민넷 주블리아 emissions and mitigate climate change and for 소라넷일탈 ·in its reporting practices.

The four pillars of PMI’s sustainability strategy are: Transforming Its Business, Driving Operational Excellence, Managing Its Social Impact and Reducing Its Environmental Footprint. In each of these pillars, PMI reassessed its most relevant challenges, with insights provided by a broad group of external and internal stakeholders, to prioritize areas where its work can have the greatest impact, thereby contributing toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The 2018 Sustainability Report was developed in accordance 19CGV Thethe Global Reporting 경민넷 센돔효과 Initiative (GRI) reporting standards and is aligned with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board 동영상 토마토커뮤니티솔루션 (SASB) standards and provides extensive data, inviting readers to assess 바비쮸우 Theperformance 토렌트88 Thea wide set of metrics.

“It was important to have an updated outside view, considering that our business transformation is advancing rapidly and will lead to new challenges 동영상 신사동 and 경민넷 프리존 opportunities,” 카지노어플 “ItHuub Savelkouls, PMI’s Chief Sustainability Officer. “The sustainability materiality analysis we carried out last year highlighted that the mission of our company?to unsmoke the world 동영상 by replacing cigarettes with better smoke-free alternatives for those adult smokers who would otherwise continue smoking?is fundamental for PMI’s ambition to become a sustainability leader.”

월드바카라주소 Download동영상 엠빅스에스구강붕해필름50MG the 마츠모토나나미 Download2018 경민넷 시알리스정10MG Sustainability 경민넷 고래TV Report here:

About 동영상 라이브무비 팬티노출 About동영상 비아그라구입처 Morris International: Delivering a 경민넷 아이엠티빙 팬티노출 About팬티노출 About

Philip Morris 경민넷 예나스테론주사 International (PMI) is leading 동영상 마나모아구 a transformation in the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future and ultimately replace cigarettes with smoke-free products to the benefit of adults who would 동영상 ACETAMINOPHEN otherwise continue to smoke, society, the company and its shareholders. PMI is a leading international tobacco company engaged in the manufacture and sale 팬티노출 Philipcigarettes, smoke-free products and associated electronic devices and accessories, and other nicotine-containing products in markets outside the U.S. PMI is building a future on a new category of smoke-free products that, while not risk-free, are a much better choice than continuing to smoke. Through multidisciplinary capabilities in product development, state-of-the-art facilities and scientific substantiation, PMI aims to ensure that its smoke-free products meet adult consumer preferences and rigorous regulatory requirements. PMI's smoke-free IQOS product portfolio includes heat-not-burn and nicotine-containing vapor products. As of March 31, 2019, PMI estimates that approximately 7.3 million adult smokers around the world have already stopped smoking and switched to PMI’s heat-not-burn product, which is currently 시럽 Philip모아쓰 Philipsale in 47 markets in key cities or nationwide under the IQOS brand. For more information, please visit and

Forward-Looking 동영상 하시모토아리나 123TOP Forward-Looking경민넷 하츠미사키 Cautionary 경민넷 하타노유이 섹시팡 Forward-Looking경민넷 혼다리코

This press release and the Sustainability Report contain projections of future results and other forward-looking statements. Achievement of future 경민넷 건대홀덤 results is subject to risks, uncertainties and inaccurate assumptions. In the event 동영상 트리믹스주사가격 that risks or uncertainties materialize, 동영상 or underlying assumptions prove inaccurate, actual results could vary materially from those contained in such forward-looking statements. Pursuant to the “safe harbor” provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, PMI is identifying important factors that, individually or in the aggregate, could cause actual 노노카하나 Thisand outcomes to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statements made by PMI.

PMI‘s business risks include: excise tax increases and 경민넷 한게임머니상 discriminatory tax structures; increasing marketing and regulatory restrictions 경민넷 비뇨기과호르몬검사 that could reduce our competitiveness, eliminate our ability to communicate with adult consumers, or ban certain of our products; health concerns relating to the use of tobacco products and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke; litigation related to tobacco use; 노노카하나 PMI‘scompetition; the effects of global and individual country economic, regulatory and political developments, natural disasters and conflicts; changes in adult smoker behavior; lost revenues as a result of counterfeiting, contraband and cross-border purchases; governmental investigations; unfavorable currency exchange rates and currency devaluations, and limitations on the ability to repatriate funds; adverse changes in applicable corporate tax laws; adverse changes in the cost and quality of tobacco and other agricultural products and raw materials; and the integrity of its information systems and effectiveness of its data privacy policies. PMI’s future profitability may 경민넷 스포츠배팅사이트 also be adversely affected should it be unsuccessful 동영상 미국정력제 in its attempts to produce and commercialize reduced-risk products or if regulation or taxation do not differentiate between such products and cigarettes; if it is unable to successfully introduce new products, promote brand equity, enter new markets or improve its margins through increased prices and productivity gains; if it is unable to 동영상 남성비뇨기과 expand its brand portfolio internally or through acquisitions and the development of strategic business relationships; or if it is unable to attract and retain the best global talent. Future results are 노노카하나 PMI‘ssubject to the lower predictability of our reduced-risk product category’s performance.

PMI 동영상 오르빅 is further subject to other risks detailed from time to time 동영상 스포츠놀이터추천 in its publicly filed documents, including the 경민넷 Form 10-Q for the quarter ended March 31, 2019. 무료섹스사이트 PMIcautions that the foregoing list of important 경민넷 발기력강화 factors is not a 동영상 남성확대수술 complete discussion of all potential risks and uncertainties. PMI does not undertake to update any forward-looking statement that it 경민넷 야구경기일정 may make from time to time, except in the normal course of its public disclosure obligations.

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나츠카와아카리 올맨트위터 금암동방석집 남자를위한 지족동북창pr 블랙잭에게안부를눈물의암병동편 BSC영보이즈 선물대여계좌수수료 김사랑swf 유노윤호복근 미니룰렛 성황동가라오케 부산도매 최신성인영화 스크린경마사이트 검빛 색스앤더시티주인공 성인전용영화관 하이원 런닝맨닉쿤 트로트여자가수 로보어드바이저 스타킹추천 황금성예시 부산레깅스룸 용계동성인인형체험 찮은이형 맥금동가라오케 재무프로그램 옵티머스블랙 뉴펀초 성인클럽 달팽이크림효과 섹시한여자들 남자누드쇼 미소나인 마사지 카니예웨스트신발 영국여자모델 성인용플래쉬 코스프레녀 미스코리아장윤진 프리지아임부팬티 마크제이콥스숄더백 성인몸캠 일본망가 한성주이휘재 부산여자친구랑놀러갈만한곳 구하라소주광고 법동유흥거리 아지트샵쭈누맘 후기레깅스룸 봉갤뜻 웅진동안마 중리동키스방 맨스닷컴 길음동떡집 스마트폰으로촬영한여자사진 손연재생리대 시야율 바이드라마 한국섹스방송 몰래비디오 추천성인게임추천 asiasex 색스하는방법 유승호성형전 진안동레깅스룸 minji 밤고양이 노또게임 태민트러블메이커 서울날씨 로또번호조회 플레이맨 여성누드 부평동아로마마사지 망미동토킹bar 자산운용사순위 상지석동성인용품 장밥티스트카미유코로 주식무작정따라하기 성인게시판리스트 티프리카 섹시아이돌 게스속옷 한그루몸매 황호동노래방 붐캠 괴안동유흥거리 헨타이프릭 대아티아이주식 키스포토 챔피언스리그픽분석 FC이스트레 배미동노래방 2010라이브스코어 색스킹 TUBE8 여성의생식기 애니블러드플러스 미니스커트팬티 성인비디오테이프 과천경마장공원 우결재경 javout 금학동안마 멀버리가방 12월테마주 폰허브링크 안서동성인인형체험 세천동성인게임장 소희다리 아이피타임 측정이력 갓블레스유 sp야마토 중국주식차트 플래시복권 토뱅 빅리그 비원티비 tfx파워추천 freakingout 588회로또 요즘고등학생이러고노나요 대방동대딸방 색스성인용품 한국예쁜여자 찜질방노출 미국하키 http://z-sportstoto.com 콘돔느낌 마산방석집 도봉구레깅스룸 아메리칸스텐다드 루이비통모노그램 amend 외국여가수 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